Marine Institute launches new postgraduate certificate in food safety
Thursday, August 16, 2012

"The introduction of this new postgraduate certificate  is another example of MI's commitment to provide a greater range of technical professional development and continuing education choices for our students," said Carey Bonnell, Head of MI's School of Fisheries.  "Food safety issues are growing in importance, particularity as it relates to global food security and our graduates will be well positioned to excel in this environment."

Students with a bachelor degree, diploma of technology or a combination of work experience and formal education can apply for admission to the program. Professionals already working in the food sector, mid-career professionals considering entering the food sector for the first time and recent college graduates with 3-year diploma programs in the food technology field are ideal candidates for this program.

"The new postgraduate certificate in food safety has been developed for complete online delivery," said Craig Parsons, director, Community Based Education Delivery (CBED), MI. "It will be readily accessible to individuals working in various industries who may wish to expand on their knowledge in the areas of food safety from the convenience of their home or office."

All postgraduate certificate programs at MI consist of a number of required and elective course offerings. Four courses in total are required to complete the program and all courses are available online.

The following courses are readily available via the web, for delivery starting in September 2012: Introduction to Food Safety, Quality Management, Quality Assurance in the Food Industry, Introduction to Process Control and ISO Management Systems.

After completing the program, students will have gained an understanding of food safety principles and how they can be applied to their particular area of industry. Graduates from the program are expected to avail of careers in the private and public sectors.

For more information on the new postgraduate certificate in food safety please view online.