Welcome to Fall Start-Up 2021
Friday, September 3, 2021

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On Sept. 7, new and returning Marine Institute students can expect a blend of in-person and virtual information sessions with MI faculty and staff during Orientation Day.

It’s part of Fall Start-Up 2021, an online hub to support students beginning their new academic year.

This hub provides information for new students via our MI Journey site, as well as essential details for current students and graduate students.

“Our Start-Up website is a useful tool for all our MI students,” said Jaimie Feener, MI Student Liaison Officer. “Whether a student is starting the first semester of their first year or starting the first semester of their last year – all the resources, information and answers to many questions can be found on our Start-Up site.”

Social Media channels

Students can also check out MI’s social media channels for the latest info and updates throughout the year:

Sessions and activities

In-person program sessions will be held for first-year technical certificate, diploma and advanced diploma students, as well as returning students and new-to-campus graduate students.

Visit our Events site for session times.

Student organizations will be supporting Orientation Day activities, including a BBQ lunch hosted by the Marine Institute Students Union (MISU).

The Marine Institute Graduate Society (MIGS) will host a pizza social later in the day. Visit the Graduate Students webpage for more details on the MIGS event.

Students will also have an opportunity to connect with MI alumni and learn from their experiences during program panel discussions scheduled for Sept. 23.

Technology checklist

What technology will you need at MI?

Visit the Student Technology Checklist for details on how to set up your MI computer and email account, MUN Login account to access Brightspace and CITL Online Rooms, online library resources, Office 365, the MUNSafe app and more.


A welcome kiosk staffed by knowledgeable volunteers will be located in the main lobby to answer questions and provide directions.

Students will receive a Marine Institute Compass, a brief guide that includes access to campus maps, important deadlines for scholarship applications and parking permits, and tutoring resources available at the Dr. C.R. Barrett Library.

Students may also email our orientation team:

More than 30 volunteers and members of MISU and MIGS, will also be taking part in the Orientation Day activities. They will be visible in white and teal baseball shirts and MI lanyards. More than 75 staff and faculty will also be participating in the sessions.