Change to mask requirements
Monday, August 9, 2021

With the provincial public health mask mandate being lifted on Aug. 10, 2021, the use of masks on Memorial University campuses and locations continues to be encouraged, but will no longer be required as of Aug. 10, with some exceptions.

Exceptions include: Masks will still be required in university vehicles (or personal vehicles used for university activities) with more than one person, university shuttle bus and grocery shuttles, on-campus health facilities, such as the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre and Grenfell Health Services, and on-campus self-isolation facilities.

Individuals are encouraged to wear masks, especially in indoor spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained or when the vaccination status of those around is unknown. This applies to common areas in student housing and social events.

A decision regarding mask requirements in classrooms and laboratories, on-campus housing, face to face services and dining areas will be made prior to the beginning of the fall semester. This decision will be based on provincial COVID-19 case counts, epidemiology and vaccine rates at that time.

Programs and courses where masks impact teaching and learning will be given special consideration. Students in such courses/programs will be notified by their instructor and/or academic unit.

When on campus, students, employees and visitors should continue to follow public health guidelines, review posted signage, ensure physical distancing, hand washing and staying home when sick.

Additional campus specific information for the Marine Institute and Grenfell campuses will be communicated directly with their faculty, staff and students moving forward.

Making allowances

You are reminded to embrace empathy, kindness and patience during this time. There will be different levels of comfort and anxiety around this change. Those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask should continue to do so.

The mask requirements on campus are subject to change at any time based on changes to risk levels, epidemiology, variants of concern or provincial requirements. Masks may be required for higher-risk activities or events if necessary.

Get vaccinated

Memorial encourages all employees and students to get vaccinated through public health, your pharmacy, your physician, the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre or the School of Pharmacy’s Medication Therapy Clinic. Vaccination is open to those 12 years or older in Newfoundland and Labrador.