MI presents annual fall scholarships, awards and bursaries  
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University presented 133 scholarships, awards and bursaries to students during its annual fall ceremony held Nov. 27. This is one of two scholarship ceremonies MI holds annually.

New Toromont Cat scholarship

Tristan Hamlyn, a second-year marine engineering student from St. John’s, was the first recipient of the Toromont Cat Scholarship.Toromont Scholarship 2019

This new scholarship is awarded in the fall semester to a full-time student in the marine engineering or marine engineering systems design programs within the School of Maritime Studies.

“I appreciate the scholarship and it’s good to be recognized,” said Mr. Hamlyn.

Marine engineering is a four-year program specializing in maintaining and operating mechanical systems on board vessels. Over the course of the program, students also spend 180 days at sea and Mr. Hamlyn expects to experience his first sea phase this summer.

“It’s pretty versatile course – we’ve done all kinds of things like welding, pipefitting, soldering. It makes sense because anything can go wrong on a ship. Our job isn’t just working on engines, it can be anything that breaks. With machines like lathes and all the other fabrication machines we’re using, you can pretty make whatever you need.”

He’s enjoying the challenge of learning these new skills.

“It’s all been a pretty big learning curve for me. It can be tough at times, but it is fun when you’re in the shop getting it done – that’s the most satisfying part.”

Ocean Technology scholarship

Katelyn Jordan, a third-year ocean mapping student from Pouch Cove, received the Kraken Robotic Systems Inc. Dr. Mary Williams Memorial Award in Ocean Technology.

The scholarship was established through a donation from Kraken in memory of Dr. F. Mary Williams, who led the National Research Council Institute for Marine Dynamics for a decade as director general and embodied the principles of applied research and partnership with the maritime industry.

“I’m so excited to win the scholarship. It’s nice to be noticed for all the hard work you put in,” said Ms. Jordan. “Dr. Mary Williams was very supportive of women working in science, which is something I’m also interested in.”Kraken Robotics Dr Williams Award 2019

Ms. Jordan plans to follow up her three-year diploma in ocean mapping with a one-year bachelor of technology. She says the highlight of her program are three technical sessions that provide hands-on learning in collecting seafloor data using multibeam and sidescan sonars.

“Tech session is my favourite. I love that we are able to go out and actually use the equipment – it’s good hands-on work.”

She also volunteers on weekends with the Let’s Talk Science, an outreach program that delivers a variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning experiences to youth in schools and community groups.

During high school, Ms. Jordan was also a member of the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) team and the model boat race team that participated in annual competitions held at MI.

“That’s why I came to Marine – I liked it here.”

Taking part in this year’s scholarship and awards ceremony were Glenn Blackwood, Vice-President, Memorial University (Marine Institute); Leslie Noftall, Registrar of the Institute; Sarah Stoodley, MHA for Mount Scio and Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation; and Dr. Angie Clarke, Director of Academic and Student Affairs at the Institute.