MI Instructor Launches New Book
Friday, April 21, 2017

Dr. Brett Favaro is a Researcher and Instructor with the Fisheries and Marine Institute’s School of Fisheries and he’s serious about climate change. Today, he launched a new book entitled ‘The Carbon Code - How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero.’

The book, which was released to coincide with Earth Day, highlights how average citizens can live a normal life in a carbon-based economy – offering simple strategies to help reduce ones carbon footprint – without abandoning common sense.

“The Carbon Code of Conduct is based on the four Rs: Reduce, Replace, Refine, and Rehabilitate,” said Dr. Favaro. “After outlining the scientific basics of climate change and explaining the logic of the code, I highlight carbon-friendly technologies and behaviors we can adopt in our daily lives.”

The Carbon Code is a tool of empowerment and Dr. Favaro believes that people don’t need to be climate change experts to be part of the solution.

“The book shows readers how to take ownership of their carbon footprint and adopt a lifestyle of conspicuous conservation that will spur governments and corporations to do the same,” said Dr. Favaro. “Climate-friendly action is the best decision on every dimension—economics, health and well-being, and social justice. Saving the planet is, after all, about saving ourselves.”

The Carbon Code, which will be available May 21 on provides a framework for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and become a hero in the fight against climate change. For more information, visit