More services, new name for Placement Office
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chances are if you are a student, graduate or partner employer at the Marine Institute you’ve connected with the Placement Office. 

This week the office will become the Office of Career Integrated Learning, reflecting a new approach to career services.

The Office has placed MI students in the Canadian and international marine, food and environmental industries for over 30 years. In recent years, the team’s work has also expanded to secure new placement opportunities for remotely operated vehicle and ocean mapping students while also responding to increased demand for career advice for students and alumni.

A review of services and team resources by the office in the summer and fall of 2015 led to a reorganization of a broadened scope of services and identified the need for the name change.

“Career integrated learning really represents the cohesiveness in the elements of learning that allow students to link theory to work term practice and build tangible knowledge and skills for life after university,” explains Angie Clarke, Director, Student Affairs. “Our goal is to equip each student with a diverse suite of competencies, skills, and experiences that transform education into real-world careers.”

Along with work term placement, services within the Office of Career Integrated Learning will focus  on career preparation services for students, employer engagement and graduate transitions for Marine Institute alumni.

A new focus on supporting MI alumni throughout their career is a key initiative for the office.

“Much of the Institute’s reputation is built on the strength of our graduates,” says Bernie Brockerville, Senior Placement Officer.  “We want to place more resources and emphasis on providing MI alumni with career advice, networking opportunities and, of course, career postings with our employers.”

One of the new activities offered by the Office is its new Career Synergy Series which kicks off this week.  The series will include presentations by employers, career strategy sessions and networking sessions to be delivered throughout this spring.  The first events taking place March 1-3 feature presentations from 11 employers and a networking session.  Three other employers will be on campus March 9-10 to meet with students, with more employers expected to follow.

More information about the Office of Career Integrated Learning will be available soon on the Marine Institute website along with a new brochure detailing all of its services for employers, students and alumni.