Fisheries and Marine Institute Responds to Concerns over Course Fees
Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In recent days, our clients have raised concerns regarding the fee for the MED Combined Refresher in Basic Safety (BS), Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSC) and Advanced Firefighting (AFF) Officers course offered at our Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC).

We value our clients and take their concerns seriously. 

New Course Fees

Yesterday, Marine Institute senior management reviewed our fee structure for this officers course and the MED Refresher course for ratings.

Effective immediately, we will reduce the fee for the officer’s course to $1,735.00 and the ratings course to $1,410.00.

The OSSC will be contacting clients who have already reserved seats for future courses to apply the new course fees.

The 36 participants who have completed the course since November 23, 2015 will be contacted by the OSSC as well to provide a price adjustment.

How Fees are Structured

OSSC bases its course fees on a cost recovery model that reflects human resources, consumables, required equipment and ongoing maintenance for delivery.

The MED Refresher courses are comprised of in-class instruction, demonstrations and practical drills that deal with hazards and emergencies, firefighting, lifesaving appliances and abandonment. It is heavily reliant on practical exercises, highly qualified, experienced personnel and specialized equipment.

Initially, the OSSC costs for these specific courses were based on a minimum of nine clients participating in each course delivery. We are now restructuring the fee assuming a full complement of 12 clients for each delivery.

We also reviewed each line item cost for these courses to determine where further efficiencies could be achieved without sacrificing our training quality.  Together, these actions have allowed us to reduce the fees for our clients.

Our Client Feedback

We value our clients’ continued trust in the high quality of our personnel and training the OSSC delivers. 

At the Marine Institute’s OSSC, we hold our training, personnel and equipment to a very high standard and want to ensure all of our clients receive the best experience, every time. We want to be fair and reasonable with all of our clients and it is critical for us that you have confidence in the safety training you receive from the OSSC.