Meet Our Execs

Meet Our Executive

Morgane SheppardMorgane Sheppard


Communications Coordinator


MSc student conducting a needs assessment of the maritime community in St.John's


Eugenie JacobsenEugenie Jacobsen




Studying contaminants in deep sea fish in the Arctic and the Labrador Sea

Einat SandbankEinat Sandbank


Seminar Series Coordinator


PhD student studying the diet & distribution of pelagic fish and zooplankton across the Barents Sea polar front.


Jennifer HerbigJennifer Herbig


PhD candidate studying the effects of environmental variation and bottom-up processes on the abundance, distribution, and movement of Arctic Cod (Boreogadus saida) in the Canadian Arctic


Elanor DillaboughElanor Dillabough


MSc student studying and mapping eelgrass beds in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland


Marina CarbonellMarina Carbonell

GSU Representative

PhD student (Maritime Studies) studying safety systems, mariner wellness, and mental health in front-line workers.