Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships

The Marine Institute is proud of our close partnerships with our industrial clients. Over the years, the Marine Institute has formed a number of partnerships with industry, community colleges and federal and provincial development agencies.

Partnerships ensure that the most appropriate resources are utilized in ways that maximize the probability of meeting goals.

From the harvesting and processing sectors to the marine transportation industry, we work to provide quality education, training, technology transfer and applied research to companies located in this province and throughout the world. Working with local industry, government and international partners, the Marine Institute helps develop new technologies, techniques and expertise in such areas as fisheries conservation responsible harvesting, and emergency response.

National Partnerships

College of the North Atlantic
The Marine Institute and the College of the North Atlantic have a long history of working in partnership to deliver community-based fisheries and marine training on the Northern Peninsula. For many years, both institutions have pooled their resources to bring quality education and training programs to individuals right in their own communities.


MOU with Nunavut Arctic College
The Marine Institute has an MOU with Nunavut Arctic College. The purpose of the MOU is to confirm the understanding between the Marine Institute and Nunavut Arctic College as it relates to the delivery of fisheries and marine training in Nunavut.

Most of this training is funded by, and delivered in collaboration with, the Nunavut Fisheries Training Consortium. Each year the Marine Institute offers training to about 200 Nunavut beneficiaries. Almost all of the training is delivered in Nunavut.