Flume Tank

Flume TankThe Marine Institute is home to the world’s largest flume tank. This facility is used to carry out performance evaluations, gear tests and other observations on newly developed or existing fishing gears and other related equipment in simulated underwater and near surface conditions.

Net Loft

Net LoftThe development of fishing gears for the commercial fishing industry has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Today's modern designs are more advanced and sophisticated as a result of increasing fuel costs, the need for species- and size-selectivity, stringent bycatch restrictions, and the necessity to minimize impact on the environment.

Underwater Cameras/Camera Systems

Camera Systems / ROV'sThe Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources (CSAR) has a number of underwater cameras available for at-sea field work. Depending on the application, video signals may be viewed real-time via umbilical, or stored in self-contained recording bottles. Both standard definition and high definition (HD) cameras are available, with customizable options for variable resolution and frame rate.

Pressure Testing

Pressure TestingThe Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources houses the Marine Institute's hydrostatic test chamber. The 70 liter chamber is able to simulate ocean depths of up to 1800 metres. The chamber has been used by various clients over the past several years for various purposes.