Aquaculture Facility

Aquaculture Facility Aquaculture Facility

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Facility Location : Ridge Road campus, St. John's

The aquaculture facility has:

  • five independent recirculating systems capable of using fresh or salt water and two flow-through fresh water systems
  • live food culture laboratory (zooplankton and algae)
  • quarantine laboratory
  • feed preparation area
  • necropsy laboratory
  • bacteriology laboratory
  • histopathology laboratory
  • an alarm monitoring system with 24 hour on call personnel

This facility is available to clients for:

  • growth and performance trials in both fresh and saltwater for a range of aquatic freshwater and marine species
  • production of dry, moist and live feeds for experimental studies
  • health studies requiring quarantine conditions for endogenous pathogens
  • conducting industrial training workshops for aquaculture employees and other personnel