What You Should Know

What You Should Know

Course Announcements/Delays

In the event of weather related delays and course cancellations, the OSSC will provide students with information related to updates/rescheduling via the following methods:

  • As OSSC is a division of Memorial University and the Marine Institute any announcement related to the closure of these Institutions would directly relate to OSSC.
  • Because of the OSSC’s training locations, there may be a requirement to close our Foxtrap and/or Holyrood Marine Base locations when either Memorial University or the Marine Institute are still open. Watch for specific announcements on these locations if this occurs.

    • OSSC Phone System: Information related to closures and cancellations will be recorded as it becomes available at 709-834-2076
    • Information Updates/Rescheduling: Marine Institute Website Events and Cancellations section will be updated with rescheduling information for all OSSC courses

For a complete listing of channels where weather related delays and course cancellations cab be found, please see OSSC Weather Information (PDF).

Medical Clearance

Most courses delivered at the OSSC contain strenuous practical exercises. For this reason the Marine Institute requires participants to obtain medical clearance before attending most courses.

Please Be Advised

Medicals Information

Effective March 3, 2014 the Marine Institute will be accepting the Transport Canada Marine Medical for all Transport Canada training courses. Approved Transport Canada physicians.

Offshore petroleum industry courses require the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers medical. For information on completing Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer (CAPP) medical please contact the OSSC main office.

Please Be Advised

All participants are required to hold a valid medical for training course that include practical exercises. Below is a list of accepted medicals for the various training sectors:

Offshore Petroleum Industry courses

  •  a valid Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) medical
  • orin conjunction with a Change in Health Status Form (obtainable from OSSC administration office)
    • Valid SOS, MedTrac medical
    • Valid UK Oil & Gas Medical (UKOOA)
    • Valid NOGEPA (Netherlands Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Association) medical
    • Valid Norwegian Seafarers medical
    • Valid Commercial Pilot Medical
    • Valid Commercial Diver Medical

Transport Canada approved courses

  • a valid Transport Canada Marine medical

Clothing Requirements

Most courses offered at the OSSC involve practical exercises. Although protective clothing for firefighting survival exercises is provided by the OSSC, course participants should wear clothing that is appropriate for practical work. No sandals or open toe shoes are permitted.

In addition, the following special requirements apply:

  • For pool or sea exercises: extra trousers, shirt, socks and a towel
  • For outdoor fire field or marine base exercises: clothing suitable for prevailing weather conditions, including safety boots or shoes

Payment Terms

Full payment in advance is a requirement for registration in all short courses offered at the OSSC. Sponsored students must have written verification from the sponsoring authority of their percentage of sponsorship prior to being assigned a seat in a course.

If less than 100% sponsored students are required to pay all non-sponsored fees at the time of booking a course seat. Note that $150 of fees paid at OSSC represent the confirmation fee. This fee is non refundable, non transferable and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Cafeteria Services

No Café services currently available.


Please contact the administration office.


For more information on accommodations please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.