The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources provides industrial research and development, technology transfer and education services to the fishing industry. Potential clients include harvesters, fishermen's associations, fishing gear manufacturers, government groups and non-governmental organizations (NGO's).

The flume tank is also routinely used for non-fisheries related activity, with clients such as ocean technology companies, ship builders and geophysical equipment manufacturers.

Examples of services are as follows:

  • comparative testing of fishing gear performance
  • conducting fishing gear efficiency trials
  • altering and testing fishing gear design
  • evaluating the selective properties of fishing gear
  • developing and delivering practical workshops on a variety of harvesting-related topics
Fishing Gear Manufacturers
  • developing and testing innovative commercial fishing gear
  • evaluating the engineering performance of fishing gear in preparation for identifying new markets and marketing fishing gear abroad
  • investigating ways to improve selectivity and environmental friendliness of fishing gear
  • training staff who design fishing gear to improve performance
  • performance testing of survey trawls
  • survey trawl standardization and quality control
  • customized workshops for scientific and vessel crew training
  • resource assessments of emerging species
  • unaccounted fishing mortality on non-targeted animals
Ocean Technology Companies
  • hydrodynamic testing of towed bodies, gliders, AUV's, and ROV's
  • product demonstrations
Geophysical Equipment Manufacturers
  • hydrodynamic testing of para-vanes for seismic surveys
  • investigating ways to improve the hydrodynamic performance of equipment

Effective April 1st, 2023, the daily rate for the Flume Tank is $4,000 CAD per day. Contact us for more information.