The Office of the Associate Vice-President (Marine Institute) Research and Strategic Partnerships


The Office of the Associate Vice-President (Marine Institute) Research and Strategic Partnerships is primarily responsible for the following functional areas: research and development support; business development; government relations; alumni engagement; development; public engagement; communications and marketing; and international activities.


Research & Development

Provide strategic direction, leadership, stewardship, and management of the Marine Institute’s knowledge generation (research), including leading a culture shift to enable collaborative and inclusive contribution of both theoretical and applied research. This includes supporting researchers in accessing funding from the tri-agency and other funding sources.


Business Development

Provide strategic direction, leadership and management of the business development activities, including developing strategies to attract investment; leading the development of the Marine Institute as a provider of industry intelligence; and establishment of the Marine Institute as an agent that convenes industry and academia.


Development and Engagement 

Responsible for alumni affairs, scholarship, and development functions including building relationships with potential donors and fundraising initiatives.


Marketing and Communications

Responsible for overseeing the Institute’s marketing, communications, website management, social media, publications and operates the campus store. This unit also provides expertise in graphic design, event management, promotional projects and web content development.


MI International

The focal point for international programs and activities of the Marine Institute. The unit brings an international dimension to the Institute, while enhancing the province’s export capability by participating in international development projects and establishing linkages with other institutions around the world