To foster development in strategic sectors of the Newfoundland economy, particularly the fisheries and offshore, and to enable Newfoundlanders to participate in the Marine Industry nationally and internationally.


The Mandate of the Marine Institute is to provide education and training, applied research and technology transfer in support of our client industries on a national and international basis. Overall, the Marine Institute is committed to providing a learning environment in which students can reach their full potential. We aim to design and deliver programs that provide graduates with highly competitive skills and abilities. We encourage excellence in teaching and learning, and seek to provide the industrial community with relevant, high quality, applied research and technology transfer.


This mission provides for the development of the Institute as an industrially relevant institution. A range of Doctoral, Master, and Bachelor Degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma of Technology, Post Graduate Certificate, Technician Diploma and Technical Certificate programs are offered, together with a variety of industry-oriented short courses. The Marine Institute’s vision for the future is: To Guide Newfoundland and Labrador to the World Through Global Leadership in Applied Oceans Education and Research. This vision will shape the goals of the Institute, guide its activities, strengthen its expertise, and advance its reputation for ocean excellence globally.