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Issue: V6N2 - Underwater acoustics: technology at the speed of sound
Preview of: Innovative applications of acoustics to measure ocean currents, waves and ice

Following is a selection of non-peer-reviewed abstracts from the NortekUSA Technical Symposium held in Rhode Island, U.S.A., on March 16-18, 2011. The workshop included three days of presentations and technical discussions focused on acoustic Doppler current profile measurement technology and its applications.

Dr. Jack Puleo describes a new acoustic Doppler profiling velocimeter that allows higher resolution measurements than ever before available to measure the swash zone on the beach, where sand is lifted and transported in vast quantities. Dr. Peter Traykovski describes a new method of advanced signal processing that allows multiple acoustic frequencies to be leveraged to gain new insight into bottom boundary layer measurements of waves and currents over muddy bottoms. Peter Rusello describes new methods of current velocity and turbulence measurements from moving platforms. Dr. Tom Farrar uses a novel method of acoustic signal processing to measure oceanic turbulence levels to understand mixing and air-sea interactions that may affect global climate change. Finally, Jonathan Colby describes multi-scale hydrodynamic analysis of kinetic hydropower arrays.

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